I always urge all those who know what to do to do it. The best way to demonstrate anything is by doing it.

Robert M Pirsig in his book Lila says (and there is another great book of his called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) something like this.

‘The idea that biological crimes can be ended by intellect alone, that

you can talk crime to death, doesn’t work. Intellectual patterns cannot

directly control biological patterns. Only social patterns can control

biological patterns, and the instrument of conversation between society

and biology is not words. The instrument of conversation between

society and biology has always been a policeman or a soldier and his

gun. All the laws of history, all the arguments, all the Constitutions and

the Bills of Rights and Declarations of Independence are nothing more

then instructions to the military and police. If the military and police

can’t or don’t follow these instructions properly they might as well have

never been written. Part of our paralysis was commitment to the twentieth century

intellectual doctrines.’

In other words Peter, what we need to do is to stop talking. We need to change the way we act, that is, we need to stop being inactive and we need to begin to act in a new way. In a way that brings us together.

They are the greatest books of the 20th and 21st centuries because they have completely destroyed the entire fields of philosophy and communications as they exist now (had existed). The dual nature of the thought; the philosophical subject and object foundation (determining the cognitive/perceptive processes) of all sciences, especially mathematics and physics. The entire system of aesthetics as it applies to linguistics and visual language. All of it is history Peter. All of it. The entire academic system of the world has completely ignored Pirsig’s books because if they were to listen to him all they could do is shut it all down, walk out and begin to plan a new more humane system of perception, cognition and therefore education and action. Nobody is ready to do it. No leader wants to reset the system. It’s too great of a job. Human lives are not worth that much. They would rather continue in the Matrix. I admire your ideology but it needs a plan with which to transform it into an organized, concentrated, worldwide action that can begin to reset the system. You must understand this Peter. The working poor (class) and the unemployed (underclass) cannot, despite your and my best intentions and instructions, I repeat, cannot begin to create changes. They cannot do so because the very nature of their existence is what prevents them from doing so. They are the WORKING POOR and the UNEMPLOYED precisely because the system is designed so that they cannot make their living in the time they have been given to live. Do you understand this fundamental truth? They work seven days a week or look for jobs seven days a week and cannot make a living. How in the hell are they going to dedicate their time to anything else? Do you see what I am talking about? Do you understand? Perhaps the better question is do you care? Do you really care? But I will not go there. It is very necessary for all activists to understand that fundamental truth because that fundamental truth, whose origins are in ‘practice’, is what must drive their planning and their actions. Not the desire to establish theoretical frameworks. I do not propose violence but I do propose a revolution. A peaceful revolution. A revolution requires actions, not theoretical frameworks that nobody wants to turn into actions.


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