It seems that our initial fears of others, or our instinct, had caused us to suppress our feelings and express them through physical objects.

To give away the self is to risk everything. Thus we transfer the meaning of the self onto objects and give them away. We trade with assigned meanings for we are too afraid to express our feelings.

That’s why there is so little love. We express love through physical objects.

If we want to punish people we use the environment and objects. If we want to reward people we use the environment and objects.

What is gone is the self. The presence of the self. We do not know how to find, acknowledge and give ourselves. That is our problem.

It’s not that we are not capable of loving it’s that we have misinterpreted and misrepresented our own needs and had taught ourselves to express love through physical objects.

So if we continue with this we can say that we are ignoring ourselves for all that we are and perceiving ourselves only as a physical object.

But, and this is the important part, not as any physical object, but a physical object whose purpose is to develop and then demonstrate only a set of properties that can be exploited by the economic system.

Thus we have created a system that enables us to exist in a permanent state of selfdenial and selfsuppression because of the ancient fear (the instinct).

To begin to change the external that is the physical world we must begin to change the definition of love and empathy and the way they are expressed.

How to begin to divorce the idea of love from any and all physical concepts.

Thus the self is a dimension of love. That much is evident. The self must find a way to express love. Now, needless to say, a hardcore scientist will question my understanding of love. A scientist might not call it love. It might be seen as an instinct.

The self contains a dimension that could be called either love or instinct but its expression is determined by the intellect’s interpretation of the highest level of threat within the environment that houses the self.

That we still view one another with so much fear and that we not ready to express higher levels of love is quite unusual given our overall level of intelligence.

It is because love is not allowed to be expressed as a universal constant, because we have created so many types social groups and subgroups (religions, classes, occupations), that love is not seen as a unifying factor.

It is not a unifying factor because we do not love those who differ from us precisely because their difference makes us restrict our love.

It is necessary for us to force ourselves to refuse to see others as simple physical objects because others presence forces us within us, completely unconsciously, racists and other filters to become active.

We operate with internal filters whose nature we do not understand, because we refuse to acknowledge it, that make us restrict our ability to love all people and beings.


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