I have come to realize, mostly from working with other people and from trying to collaborate in order to create something meaningful that could help other people, that it is not the elite, not the system or governments, not military or police that are controlling us. We control ourselves.

We have created comfort zones of existence. My favorite writers, like George Orwell, got it wrong, at least a significant part of it. I mean they touched on the subject, especially George Orwell, who acknowledges that we control one another. However, ultimately they hold governments and military responsible. That is their mistake.

I have seen it again and again, worldwide, in every country of the world. All the classes do it. The underclass or the unemployed who live from their governments’ assistance or the unemployed who live from crime or the group that receives government assistance and participates in criminal activities, all of them form their own comfort zones. The working poor group forms its own comfort zones. The working group that manages to save a tiny amount of money is a group of its own. Then of course there is the middle class. More notable is the upper middle class that is doing anything it can, criminal or not, to join the upper class. There is the upper class that is constantly refining its corruption and criminal practices until they become invisible. When they master their criminal activities meaning when they become completely invisible which is known as ‘legal’ that’s when they can join the elite class. They exist within their own comfort zone. Then there is the elite. A class of its own. So corrupt it trades in nothing less than human lives. It can exterminate anyone or anything that gets in the way of its profit making practices. In fact, it does, for at the top, the only way you can maintain your power is if you exterminate anyone or anything interfering with your profit making practices.

It’s especially painful to see the fake ‘activists’ communities’ made up of the working middle class “independent” academia “intelligencia” (without any emotional intelligence) , small business owners, medical doctors who invest more in their clinics and mansions that happen to be in the most affluent suburbs in the country than they do in helping the most disadvantaged  patients from the most disadvantaged suburbs, etc. forming their own groups, subgroups, and subsubgroups. It’s especially sad to realize that their “communities” are based around and focused on their hobbies, which happen to be music, photography, painting, poetry etc. It sad because they call such hobbies ‘activism’ but the fact is they do nothing to alleviate the unbearable subhuman conditions experienced by their unemployed, working poor neighbors. But such neighbors don’t smell nice and are not educate enough to discuss intelligent hobbies. It is useful to revisit the definition of the words like ‘act’ and especially ‘activism’ as offered by the Greek, Russian, Irish and certain German rebels. The consequences of activism are visible actions or more specifically, specific structural changes resulting from them. But the inactive self declared working middle class ‘activists’ are nothing special. Such delusional groups exist within each class level. I focused on them because they call themselves activists. For example, the elite members who do not want to be perceived as money grabbing scam call themselves celebrities and sometimes artists and they come together and ‘work to change the world’ via their ‘charities’ but at least they call themselves activists and they don’t talk about the results of their inaction, primarily because there aren’t any.

But let me return to the original problem of the comfort zone.

The people at the bottom would rather continue to commit crimes or live off government assistance than explore new possibilities. The middle class would rather continue to struggle in order to join the upper class than look around see how much more fortunate it is than its working class neighbors. Why is that?

It’s because we are sensitive creatures. We are afraid of being criticized so we do not criticize. Furthermore, we are highly illogical creatures and we are creatures of habit. Combined they mean we are focused on not losing what we’ve got, regardless of how insignificant it might be and how damaging it might be, the IT is our world and that is all we permit ourselves to care about. Our possessions, or the IT, is our comfort zone, and all we want to do is associate with others who can help us protect it.

We unconsciously disempower one another in order to preserve our own individual status quo, because it’s our form of security. Once we achieve a certain level of security within our comfort zone, regardless of how damaging it is, we look at it and examine it. Though this time consciously, and so we realize how insignificant and damaging it is, and then we look for somebody to blame. We blame the ones whose comfort zones are more comfortable than our own because we perceive them as more powerful.

We do so because we know, unconsciously, because of the nature of the narrative and communications system we use, that our attempts to mobilize our fellow comfort zones members will fail because deep, deep, deep down we know that if they were to try to mobilize us we would not help them. Primarily because we know ourselves and we know our nature but do not wish to acknowledge it.

So, unconsciously we come together and form ear bashing groups of inaction. Local communes, Youtube channel, radio channels, etc.

Unfortunately, the real motivation behind them , just like with the individual or group/social psyche, is not what the individual or group thinks it is. The true motivation that motivates most individual and group activists is their subconscious need to preserve what they perceive as their ideal system. Therefore their efforts are never about uniting all beings. Their efforts amount to blaming the ones above them and criticizing those who do not agree with them. It’s why none of them can leave their own and all other systems in order to accentuate humanity.

The difference between the activists who act to UNITE ALL HUMAN BEINGS and the ones who do not actor act in order to blame the higher social order is this very realization I am explaining here, as derived from the social/group psychoanalysis.

That is, one becomes an activist once one begins to serve humanity rather than an individual group whose only purpose is to criticize the group above it, rather than focusing on creating a new system.


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