Consider this a science fiction essay.

We talk about mathematics as the universal language. The language of the universe.

I wonder if that is taking it too far?

What is the reasoning behind this?

The model we use (the spacetime continuum) to describe the universe that contains us is a product of our senses.

Our senses had been created by what we define as gravity.

More to the point, the linear relationship between the term space and the term time is due to the nature of the senses which have been created by gravity.

The problem is, and this is very obvious: everything we perceive appears to be what it is simply because of the nature of our senses.

More specifically, the nature of our senses had been determined by our location within what we now perceive as or refer to as the gravitational field.

I believe that it should be possible for us to imagine a species (and I am not talking about an intelligent spaceship flying Klingon like humanoid) existing within what we perceive as the gravitation field.

Imagine a quantum/particle like bacteria, virus or something similar floating within the region of space we are unable to perceive.

A species whose perception of space time would be so vastly different from ours that it could never begin to perceive, interpret and describe the spacetime continuum the way we do.

What if it were unable to perceive or separate the terms space and time.

What if it were never born and it could never die.

What if its life cycle cannot be described in terms of linear spacetime.

What if it regarded its relationship with the universe in a different way.

Isn’t mathematics no more than a product of our observations of what we think of as spatial relations caused by gravity.

What is the extent of gravity?

Are there structures not affected by gravity?

I am being very unreasonable, playful and imaginative and am trying to imagine what kind of anomaly it would take to create a separate spacetime dimension.


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