History as the foundation of identity and self experience

If history should teach us anything it is that it is made up of highs and lows. Empires rise and fall without ever acquiring a permanent meaning, let alone a permanent form. As long as we the people participate in the process of the empire’s construction and destruction thus history’s construction and destruction we cannot create a unifying reality whose foundation is the art of nurturing the forever expanding mind and knowledge.

Mind is knowledge and knowledge is mind. However, our collective recognition of the need to use organic biotechnology to integrate ourselves into the natural world could enable us to exist as the forever expanding mind. Unfortunately, our mind, even though it is expanding, cannot recognize its need to detach its self from the need to define itself by preserving the present moment.

By preserving the present moment the mind turns it into a historic construct that then becomes the foundation of its identity. Only when all knowledge can flow and be received by us because it is carried by the wave of truth, that is our freedom of expression, will the mind recognize its need to detach itself from its past and any historical context that frame its current field of perception and imagination. That is, when to all people the present moment becomes the defining feature of their identity, truth will become the only form of existence for it won’t be changed by history.

Scientists and artists who are aware of the need to connect with the natural world know that it is impossible for most people to recognize technology’s potential because they have not been familiarized with its true nature and origin.

Most people see technology as complex sets of objects. People are not able to imagine that technology can be and is being  used to begin to redefine the edges of our shared realty and its influence on the mind.

Technology, mind and realty are not solid constructs. All three affect one another which suggests that all there are fluid and must be allowed to influence and change one another. Technology is being used  to redefine or change the nature of our reality but the process is not controlled by the people. It’s controlled by the elite.

Thus technology, mind and the known perimeters of reality are the elements of the formula that is not reality itself but is beyond it. It is the formula that describes the nature of our existence.

Teaching children to use mathematics to add and subtract apples and angles and calculate surface areas and volumes is the basic foundation. But we must teach children that what they must expect from themselves is not to have any expectation about the limits of reality in any way whatsoever.  No mathematical limitations, no physical limitations, no emotional limitations, no psychological limitations, no linguistics limitations, etc.

Our creative frameworks should be established by the nature of our perception, not by historical constructs.

History is not harmful. However, the nature of our existence is making it harmful. Because we exist in order to establish ourselves in terms of the known and not in terms of something new.

Thus we do not seek to experience and then represent ourselves in terms of our own present moment experience. Instead, we experience and judge ourselves and new experiences through historical frameworks.


Changing the topic of conversation within independent communities

Changing the topic of conversation within independent communities is one of the most important things we can do to transform the purpose and therefore the role of physical objects, money and the economic system in our lives.

The problem is that even within independent communities our meaning comes from physical objects or from our interaction with physical objects and not from our presence in our own lives and in other’s lives.

It looks like we are incapable of deriving meaning from knowledge, imagination and emotions in order to deepen our meaning. We derive meaning from them but only to create more objects.

For us, humans, the purpose of knowledge is not to deepen our emotions and increase sense of empathy and humanity thus uniting us and propelling us in new directions. The only way we can know how to use knowledge is by turning into physical objects with which to control one another or the environment.

If I hear another ‘I will build my house from this or that’ or ‘I will knit my jumper, shirt, gloves, pants out of this or that’ or ‘I will restore this or that’.

Physical objects are not important. Physical objects exist in order to support us. Yes, to support us so that we could support one another. Our purpose is not manufacture objects. Our purpose is to improve how we love ourselves and one another.

Physical objects do not deserve our time. Or, they deserve only the amount of time that ensures that there are enough of them and that they are able to support our basic needs.

Why do people talk about restoring cars and bikes and pumps and  making shoes or whatever else there is to make.

Here is a suggestion: why not begin with so what have you done today to increase your level of empathy, or others’ level of empathy. Or, what can the piece you are working do to increase our level of empathy, love, piece, equality, care, knowledge, you name it! Or, how about asking something as simple as: why do we still discuss physical objects?

We possess intelligence but we are not in control of it. The question mainstream has never asked and the question independent thinkers and independent media are abandoning is: why? Why aren’t we allowed to be in control of our own intelligence?

The challenge is to allow your creative ideas to keep expanding and never. To keep going on and on in all directions in an infinite loop of creativity that becomes you and your life. Every breath is a dance of life. Every spoonful of tastes is a an aspect of life. Every drop water or anything else you drink or feel on your skin is a dimension of life for you to feel and experience and share and you primary purpose is to teach yourself and others how to find them, experience them and share them. With every step, with every movement, in any environment, at any time.

Why don’t we discuss why we are preventing one another from experiencing ourselves, one another and the environment by talking about meaningless physical objects?

Are we too afraid to ‘exchange’ ourselves, our ideas, our hopes, our fears. Of course we are! Yet it is only by exchanging them that we can begin to realize how similar and humane we are.

Therefore, it’s only by exchanging ourselves and our own ideas that we can begin to realize how meaningless it is to ignore our shared humanity in order to focus on physical objects.

An object’s or idea’s aesthetic (arts or sciences) as its effects on its surrounding space time continuum and not as its physical state

What do I mean when I say  ‘forever revealing itself not to those who simply listen and observe but to those willing to be moved by its (the universe’s) seemingly invisible patterns (the harmony of the universe)’.

I am talking about one’s ability to realize that it is never the creation itself that is important but the point at which it interacts with reality.

It is not the idea, the product, the object, the art, the formula or whatever else is that can be important or that we should be looking for.

We are looking for something that will cause the existing reality, universe, space to react in a different way.

It’s all about how the existing reality is going to respond to what is created.

It is not the music is the space and its silence.

Length and nature of pauses and echoes.

Or, more specifically our internal ability to imagine and combine silences, echoes, ups and downs enables us to create music.

It is not so much about what the painting as it is about how what is in the painting portrays, reflects, contradicts, questions and so on and therefore affects everything outside of it.

Could we say that a meaningful creation occurs with the desire to transform the space time continuum that surrounds the piece of art or the formula in mind and not with the desire to create an understandable or acceptable piece or art or science.

Music is a very specific case.

It’s as if it were composers and song writers were required to perceive the nature of the state of people’s minds. I am not talking about guessing what people like in order to predict and satisfy their tastes or desires. Not at all.

That is a piece of music is never about itself. Never about the artist’s understanding of the music but about his or her understanding of the space time continuum. As if attempting to create a new piece of music is attempting to create an energy that can reveal new emotional states from which one could view the world.

It’s as if though the composer is inspired by the architecture and spaces and the shape and state of the natural world specific to his period.

That is one begins to sense how one’s work is that which is missing from the environment at that particular moment in time. And the act of his or her creation or the skill, his or her particular skill, is his or her realization of what it is that is missing.

Thus art that teaches something about our time does so because all other art is no longer timely thus we must continue to create all the time. Thus we cannot create without being aware of the nature of our environment. We cannot create without being aware of the nature of the universe. I am talking about very specific knowledge. Physics, mathematics, geometry, astrophysics.

Could it be that a sound, a new sound that has not existed before, thus could not have been heard by anybody, becomes popular precisely because it has not been heard before.

But is that enough?

It cannot be enough.

Many create new sounds but they say nothing about the existing space time?

Again, it’s not enough for a sound to be new. It must fit into, or, more specifically, it must complement the existing perceptions and therefore definitions of the space time continuum.

But what does it mean to complement them.

How can a set of sounds complement physical spaces.

Does it mean that a new musical movement must be able to invoke a new set of physical reactions.

Is this the defining feature of all revolutionary discoveries, especially regarding art? An object’s or an idea’s or a formula’s ability to force people to act.

Thus a piece of art (a painting, sculpture, song) makes its presence by its ability to create an emotional response that forces people to transform their emotional experiences into physical actions?

So a new cultural emotion arises?

A wave of shared internal realizations become a collective perception shift?

So what of its physical shape thus its physical state?

They are derived from the artist’s feeling of the space time and its new possibilities?

Individual inaction = collective inaction = The System

There is no system to blame. We are the system. The ultimate responsibility is not with institutions or the system. It’s with every one of us. Our inability to accept this fact causes us to come together and create actionless movements whose only purpose is to shift the blame. Our creativity must spring from our own well of  dissatisfaction with the status quo. The status created and perpetuated by the fellow citizens. It is why it does not matter who the fellow citizens are, what they do, or how much they earn. If they want more, they must be held accountable. Those who ask for more, while aware that there are others struggling to survive, they ignore their own intellectual and physical responsibilities. It is the mass scale ignorance of our own individual intellectual and physical responsibilities that creates poverty and injustice, not the elite. We create our own ignorance and the elite exploits it. Saying the Matrix or the system exists and it is evil is to say that we exist and are evil but in an indirect, unconsciously created thus acceptable way. We are capable of evil, we are capable of ignorance and we are capable of selfishness., Sadly, they remain our preferred modes of behaviour. It is why we choose options that do not compromise our positions. Even if we are poor and unemployed. We would rather preserve our homeless spot on a sidewalk than stand up for another homeless person. It is why so many are ready to talk but not to act. We cannot begin to transform our existence from consumer to creator, from taker to giver, from inaction to action, until we acknowledge, accept and therefore begin to transform our own fears which create our own ignorance which leads to our own inaction.