There is no system to blame. We are the system. The ultimate responsibility is not with institutions or the system. It’s with every one of us. Our inability to accept this fact causes us to come together and create actionless movements whose only purpose is to shift the blame. Our creativity must spring from our own well of  dissatisfaction with the status quo. The status created and perpetuated by the fellow citizens. It is why it does not matter who the fellow citizens are, what they do, or how much they earn. If they want more, they must be held accountable. Those who ask for more, while aware that there are others struggling to survive, they ignore their own intellectual and physical responsibilities. It is the mass scale ignorance of our own individual intellectual and physical responsibilities that creates poverty and injustice, not the elite. We create our own ignorance and the elite exploits it. Saying the Matrix or the system exists and it is evil is to say that we exist and are evil but in an indirect, unconsciously created thus acceptable way. We are capable of evil, we are capable of ignorance and we are capable of selfishness., Sadly, they remain our preferred modes of behaviour. It is why we choose options that do not compromise our positions. Even if we are poor and unemployed. We would rather preserve our homeless spot on a sidewalk than stand up for another homeless person. It is why so many are ready to talk but not to act. We cannot begin to transform our existence from consumer to creator, from taker to giver, from inaction to action, until we acknowledge, accept and therefore begin to transform our own fears which create our own ignorance which leads to our own inaction.


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