If history should teach us anything it is that it is made up of highs and lows. Empires rise and fall without ever acquiring a permanent meaning, let alone a permanent form. As long as we the people participate in the process of the empire’s construction and destruction thus history’s construction and destruction we cannot create a unifying reality whose foundation is the art of nurturing the forever expanding mind and knowledge.

Mind is knowledge and knowledge is mind. However, our collective recognition of the need to use organic biotechnology to integrate ourselves into the natural world could enable us to exist as the forever expanding mind. Unfortunately, our mind, even though it is expanding, cannot recognize its need to detach its self from the need to define itself by preserving the present moment.

By preserving the present moment the mind turns it into a historic construct that then becomes the foundation of its identity. Only when all knowledge can flow and be received by us because it is carried by the wave of truth, that is our freedom of expression, will the mind recognize its need to detach itself from its past and any historical context that frame its current field of perception and imagination. That is, when to all people the present moment becomes the defining feature of their identity, truth will become the only form of existence for it won’t be changed by history.

Scientists and artists who are aware of the need to connect with the natural world know that it is impossible for most people to recognize technology’s potential because they have not been familiarized with its true nature and origin.

Most people see technology as complex sets of objects. People are not able to imagine that technology can be and is being  used to begin to redefine the edges of our shared realty and its influence on the mind.

Technology, mind and realty are not solid constructs. All three affect one another which suggests that all there are fluid and must be allowed to influence and change one another. Technology is being used  to redefine or change the nature of our reality but the process is not controlled by the people. It’s controlled by the elite.

Thus technology, mind and the known perimeters of reality are the elements of the formula that is not reality itself but is beyond it. It is the formula that describes the nature of our existence.

Teaching children to use mathematics to add and subtract apples and angles and calculate surface areas and volumes is the basic foundation. But we must teach children that what they must expect from themselves is not to have any expectation about the limits of reality in any way whatsoever.  No mathematical limitations, no physical limitations, no emotional limitations, no psychological limitations, no linguistics limitations, etc.

Our creative frameworks should be established by the nature of our perception, not by historical constructs.

History is not harmful. However, the nature of our existence is making it harmful. Because we exist in order to establish ourselves in terms of the known and not in terms of something new.

Thus we do not seek to experience and then represent ourselves in terms of our own present moment experience. Instead, we experience and judge ourselves and new experiences through historical frameworks.


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