The harder it becomes to make a living the less likely it is that any kind of change will occur.

When it is so hard to make a living that the only thing that most individuals are able to think of is their own survival then their time becomes the currency of their existence. By treating the under, working and middle classes’ time as the currency the business owning elite increases its power and reduces their ability to change their situation.

Our ‘great theoretical bodies of work’ are useless. Despite their creators’ genuine intentions all that their work does is disempower people. The greater the people’s knowledge about the nature and extent of their oppression the more aware they become of how powerless they are thus the more they focus on their own daily survival.

At this point in time the only thing that can empower people is action driven leadership. Anyone with anything to lose is not going to want to act so it is very easy to determine who is genuine and who is protecting its position and interests.

When one is trying to survive it is against the logic (of survival) to select the most difficult path. Consequently nobody is going to decide to act. Most people will continue to try to make themselves as comfortable as they can within the existing system.

Perhaps one of the ways in which we could reach more people is by showing them the results of their inactions?

How could we visually demonstrate the consequences that is the resultant state created by our inactions in a way that does not devalue people?

Furthermore we could demonstrate what could happen as a result of: A) individual actions B) collective actions and C) combined actions.


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