The non ego state letter to various independent leaders

This one is addressed to Mr Peter Jospeh.

Mr Joseph,

Thank you for your work. No words can convey how much I appreciate your work.

I see and feel your passion, it inspires, and, I think, I can see what you are trying to accomplish and I appreciate it, I really do.

So, please note, the following is not a critique of your work and most certainly not a critique of your character (I do not know you). It is an insight I wish to share.

I have been struggling with the following paradox: we cannot impose our views on others or reprogram others or teach them how to see the universe the way ‘we’ do (the way I do or the way you do) yet we need to share the universe and everything contained within it (resources, etc.) thus accept others’ views.

I have come to realize that we do not need to adjust to one another, we need to adjust to or get in touch with our shared reality. This realization has had an indescribable and immeasurable effect on my being. Allow me to elaborate.

I can see that you are trying to appeal to leaders’ logic. You use logic, you use data, you use science, etc., unfortunately, it is impossible for people to change because we ask them to change. It is a physical and psychological impossibility. It is a non event. It is no more than our unrealistic desire.

They have to change on their own terms. Any one individual is made up of so many different elements (physical and psychological) and every single element comes with its own sets of properties that it is not possible for any single external entity to transform the individual. All the elements and their properties (within the mind and the body) have to be transformed if the individual is to change its relationship with the universe. It is why only the individual is capable of transforming its entire being.

We cannot create a new civilization until all learn and accept that a civilization cannot function as a healthy entity if its purpose is to support a small number of egos.

The quality or the purpose or the nature of the ego is irrelevant. Good or bad. Positive or negative. Healthy or unhealthy. Pro this or pro that. They are relative thus useless terms. One person’s dictator is another person’s hero. It is impossible for us to reach an agreement about anything because the nature of our human language polarizes our minds and creates and perpetuates the ego construct.

We need to re imagine and re encode and re represent our existence. As long as the ego construct is present it remains the ultimate obstacle to compassion, empathy and humanity and the civilization will remain unjust and unequal.

I am convinced that the force that could begin to restructure and heal our shared reality cannot find its origins within an individual or a group of individuals. The force that could restructure and heal our reality might be described as a collective, intelligent, internal momentum of empathy and humanity. The force that could restructure our reality needs to be perceived by all individuals within their own natural and artificial environments (within artificial environments too because they represent or simulate natural environments).

By ‘the force’ I mean a profound collective understanding of our individual and collective actions and inactions. Or, even more specifically, our awareness of our connection with the consequences of our actions and inactions and their effects on other people and the environment.

There are no valid individual plans for an individual (leader, writer, thinker, celebrity, activist, photographer, journalist and so on and so forth, insert your own word if you wish) to promote. No ideas, no plans, no solutions. It is very hard to accept this. I know. I have been struggling with it for years.

You might ask: why not or what should we promote?

When we tell others what they need to do and how they need to do it in order to improve the environment we allow our ego to communicate our ambitions, which happen to be our conviction of our own intellectual, emotional or any other form of superiority. Unconsciously or consciously, internally or externally, sometimes publically, we celebrate our righteousness, our awareness, our empathy and our humanity and in that very moment we destroy them and all our efforts to improve the world. All that our suggestions, plans and solutions do is fuel the battle of the ape like creatures’ egos.

We, who want to change the world, if we really want to change it, must stop being and acting as our egos, or, we must try to get as close as we can to existing within some kind of non ego or ego less state.

We do not need to direct others toward our messages, ideas and plans or spread our messages, ideas and plans. All we need to do, and, more importantly, all we can do is make others aware of the sensations absorbed and created or not absorbed and not created by their senses and minds. I know, it sounds like it’s not enough.

However, there is enough evidence to convince even the most ignorant individual that its actions and inactions are destroying the world, if you can get it to use its senses and mind to examine the evidence and reflect on it. It is why psychology was created.

However, we cannot do it. Or, to be fair, in my own experience, my own ability to do so is very limited. I struggle with it. Could you do it? Have you been able to do it? I wish I could improve my effectiveness.

I do not think that we should be spending our time on creating new plans and more content. I think we need to find a way to connect the people who are living during this very moment with the consequences of their actions and inactions during this very moment.

We cannot make those who are not aware of their connection to nature see or feel their connection to nature and accept its importance, consequently, we are even less likely to succeed at convincing them to support our plans that involve nature.

The egos of the extremely wealthy individuals form the foundations of their empires. Their egos thus the foundations cannot be changed by us. Only they can do so.

Only they can do so because regardless of the quality of the evidence, regardless of how much evidence we present and regardless of how we present it we cannot convince them that our intentions for them are better than their own intentions for themselves. It is what makes us human. It is what makes us primitive. It is the survival instinct. It is not that ‘they’ don’t want to trust ‘us’. It is that we as human beings are incapable of trusting one another at that level. It is impossible for them to trust us at that level. We are not there, yet. It has taken me a long time to realize and accept this simple fact. It is a terrifying realization and it is a liberating realization.

I am trying to use it as the foundation of a new system of thinking, perceiving, constructing and communicating our representations of ourselves, one another and the universe.

As long as we, activists or humanists or call us or yourself whatever you want, continue to impose ‘our’ ideas we will continue to perpetuate the same system. It is precisely why our reality is in an ongoing state of conflict. We are all struggling to convince one another of our own value and importance but in the process all of us miss the big picture: nature and the universe itself and how we, all of us, are an element of them.

We, all of us, are nature, therefore we do not need to impose ‘our’ views. So, all we can do, all we need to do is help others listen to nature, NOT TO US, TO THEMSELVES. This process, I think, could mark the beginning of the end of the ego, and consequently, the foundation of a new, more humane psychology.

It has been so hard to accept all of the above because I am my ego. I want to help others and that is a good thing, as long as I am not doing it in order to promote my ‘evolved state’. It is an ongoing struggle.

Nature is the message and the messenger. Only when we create ‘a reality’ without egos will we be able to allow ourselves, and, more importantly, others to see and hear thus learn that all of us including nature are one, the message and the messenger. All other messages are destroying our connection to ourselves, to others, to nature, to reality.

I wish that you and I and many other people could come together to find a better way to exercise the above mentioned non ego transformation of reality. A way that does not involve ‘our’ ideas and ‘our’ plans and ‘our’ designs thus ‘our egos’.

I wish we could come together to promote all ideas, all hopes, as they are one for they are contained within our own individual being. Within our own humanity.

I wish we could come together to promote humanity for we ARE it.

Peace and love, take care of yourself and stay strong.


Proposed tool: the physiolinguistic evaluation of the self (an individual’s levels of recognition of the self as a physiolinguistic construct)

I suggest:

The nature of one’s relationship with reality is determined by the extent to which one is willing to ignore the physical reality and interpret and represent oneself as a linguistic construct.

This is a conscious process performed by all individuals.

However, most individuals choose not to define thus state the exact extent to which they see themselves as a non physical element of nature.

Individual and collective physiolingusitc construct would help us define the nature of a person’s or a group’s interpretation and treatment of the physical reality, thus of itself.

The nature of our interaction with ourselves, one another and natural world is determined by the amount of importance we assign to physical objects and this ‘amount’ can be seen as the level at which we are willing to stop regarding ourselves as a physical object thus as the level at which we can become aware of our desire to represent ourselves as a linguistic construct.

Please note: the term ‘the physiolinguistic construct’ is not related to, influenced by, nor does it influence spirituality.


I propose that the physio linguistic construct could help us asses individual and collective ability to understand our existence. It would enable us to observe and examine how well we understand and how we treat our linguistic, verbal, visual and other representations of ourselves. It would help us become aware of the extent to which WE ARE NOT the langue we use to define ourselves.

More importantly, it would enable us to visualize our inability to reflect on the linguistic traps we create without being aware that we are doing so.