I suggest:

The nature of one’s relationship with reality is determined by the extent to which one is willing to ignore the physical reality and interpret and represent oneself as a linguistic construct.

This is a conscious process performed by all individuals.

However, most individuals choose not to define thus state the exact extent to which they see themselves as a non physical element of nature.

Individual and collective physiolingusitc construct would help us define the nature of a person’s or a group’s interpretation and treatment of the physical reality, thus of itself.

The nature of our interaction with ourselves, one another and natural world is determined by the amount of importance we assign to physical objects and this ‘amount’ can be seen as the level at which we are willing to stop regarding ourselves as a physical object thus as the level at which we can become aware of our desire to represent ourselves as a linguistic construct.

Please note: the term ‘the physiolinguistic construct’ is not related to, influenced by, nor does it influence spirituality.


I propose that the physio linguistic construct could help us asses individual and collective ability to understand our existence. It would enable us to observe and examine how well we understand and how we treat our linguistic, verbal, visual and other representations of ourselves. It would help us become aware of the extent to which WE ARE NOT the langue we use to define ourselves.

More importantly, it would enable us to visualize our inability to reflect on the linguistic traps we create without being aware that we are doing so.


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