It is impossible to introduce a new system or a new environment or a new idea without changing the psyche. This is the reason why we have been unable to end the original exchange of goods and services system and then the economic system. It is the reason why we continue to struggle with the same set of elements (violence caused by perceived and now actual scarcity of natural and artificial resources) that create and recreate the same set of ideas (wars, economy, competition).

We cannot introduce an idea that can change the world as long as we are introducing it in order to defeat an existing idea, group, environment or system. Only an idea that teaches an individual how to address its inability to keep its mind open to any new ideas without having to accept or endorse any particular idea can change the world. Learning, unlearning and relearning are the key to creating a compassionate thus unifying psyche.

Only an idea that does not criticize the individual, its operating ideas and the system to which it subscribes could begin to enable the individual to begin to observe, identify and change its destructive patterns of behaviour.

The key is to encourage the person to open its mind to new possibilities without addressing its current operating system or its environment. However, because we have been unable to realize this, let alone execute it, we have ended up in a position where in order to be heard we have to force our own alleged solutions on one another and the very process of doing so perpetuates fears, hate, mistrust and violence thus forever destroying logic and the space for self reflection.

If an idea is to become a universal construct that can change the world then it needs to be completely devoid of any personal ego plus ambition traits.

The only way to change the system is by introducing a silent idea that seeks no validation thus no confrontation thus creating no resistance. This is the case because only when denied the opportunity to continue to assert itself by confronting the opposing egos will the infant super ego begin to lose its power (the system is a collection of infant egos that have come together to form a single super arrogant super ego).


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