The academic establishment had greatly misinterpreted and then later on misunderstood its own misinterpretation of the term humanity. Then, it had overcomplicated it, and finally ignored it and sided with ‘inhumanity’. The processes had been unconscious and unintentional.

The academic establishment has sided with ‘inhumanity’ by changing its own purpose from studying nature in order to create knowledge and tools that improve the human condition to studying nature in order to create knowledge and tools that enable it to collaborate with those who destroy nature.

It was not a purposeful decision. In its own eyes, and in eyes of many others, the academic establishment has done nothing wrong. Its decisions and actions appear to be in line with the requirements of its immediate economic environment. The academic establishment has had to act in a manner that would enable it to acquire funding. However, this very act is a failure of the system of logic the academic establishment had had to create to turn human beings into allegedly civilized entities. The system is failing to use its own operating principle. Specifically, if the academic establishment needs to ignore, suppress or sacrifice ‘humanity’ (thus human needs, whatever they may be) by placing anything else above it in order to acquire funding, then whatever research it performs it is less than ‘humane’ for the human condition had been sacrificed.

The very act of failing to prioritize human needs (yes, above everything else) means that its purpose has become destructive thus inhumane. This very, very simple logic should have kept the academic establishment in charge of our civilization’s understanding and treatment of the term ‘humanityThe academic establishment cannot stay away from military, private and banking institutions because they provide resources it needs to transform theoretical research into practical actions and systems that benefit all human beings. The question is why has the academic establishment failed to stay in charge of the term ‘humanity’. More importantly, why has the academic establishment failed to ‘humanize’ our civilization by first reducing the size of the military, private and banking sectors and then by removing the need for them altogether? How and why have the military, private and banking sectors been allowed to turn ‘humanity’ and the academic establishment into its own profit driven tool?

The academic establishment has abandoned ‘humanity’ as its guiding principle and sided with ‘inhumanity’ because the individuals in charge of its departments remain disconnected from what matters: nature. Their own inner nature and the natural world that surrounds them. Consequently, they had not been driven by the need to preserve and improve nature by creating technologies that use nature as their foundation so that when we improve and expand technologies we improve and expand nature and vice versa. On the contrary, academic leaders’ agendas are made up of private wars caused by the need to create and maintain reputations. Their own and their institutions’ reputations.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for academic leaders to compete with leaders from private sectors because the birth of the global market means that the private sector’s potential for growth is infinite. It will continue to increase as the birth rate increases. The academic leaders had failed to realize that the race is a mistake and should not have been allowed to occur. The very fact that it had occurred is a proof that they have neglected their duty to preserve humanity.

The end result means the academic establishment, like all other institutions, including our governments, has become an element of the economic system. Consequently, the academic system’s attempt to use logic to humanize our civilization (and remove the need for the self destructive economic system) has failed.


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