Nobody hears about the truly enlightened people because they don’t need others to hear about their enlightenment because they are enlightened. They derive their purpose from loving others and helping them in any way they can without the need for rewards. Hence their ability to cooperate with everything around them. They simply exist. Like plants, like animals, like the universe itself. Without drawing any attention to itself yet containing everything thus being contained within everything. Anonymous and invisible yet always in plain sight.

Their relationship with the environment they inhabit is unbroken and total. They are committed, completely, to every moment. That is, they are committed to loving every moment and every person and every thing they encounter in it and do not need to explain their enlightened state and their need to love. Their enlightened state is all they are. Thus all their thoughts and actions are pure love and humanity and need no verbal explanation. Indeed, no verbal explanation could define their inner state of peace and love. It is a state so pure and so natural it cannot and does not need to be described. It reveals itself through their treatment of everything that surrounds them. Their purpose and their very essence is to love everything. Those who hate them, those who fear them, those who love them. There is no other effort. There is no effort to explain their knowledge, their love, or their perception. There is no desire to state that others are inadequate in any way whatsoever. There is no desire to state that others are enlightened but unaware of it. Stating that others are enlightened but are not aware of it is to demean others. All there is to do is to love all others as they are – because of the awareness that they are an extension of the self.

As described above ‘enlightenment’ cannot be separated from community, from technology, from society, from psychology. An enlightened person uses them (community, technology, society, psychology) to demonstrate LOVE and COMPASSION for all beings, things, and environments. They do not talk about enlightenment and they do not try to demonstrate it. They are it.

A person’s enlightenment is his or her way of being and living. It is not something the person does in addition to everything else in its life.

Why is it so crucial that the enlightened body is plugged into the environment? Within our current intellectual system the body is completely disconnected from its physical environments. There are hundreds of thousands of academics. They write many brilliant books but they live unhealthy, isolated, depressed, disconnected, and deluded lives. They call themselves theorists – because to do so is to abandon all responsibility – and believe that somebody else should turn their theories into actions.

I propose that meditation needs to become the foundation of a new system. The system I talk about is made up of three separate and very different but closely related subsystems: the ecosystem (permaculture systems and services), neighborhood systems and services (relationships and hardware and software creation and exchange), and community systems and services (psychology, social development, education, research, technology, etc.).

Enlightenment then is no more than the ultimate blueprint. As a concept or a story to be told or a theory or a book, etc. it is useless. It needs to become our shared way of living – without drawing any attention to itself.

I am not talking about communes. I am talking about a new approach to community building. Existing streets, suburbs, villages and cities can be transformed into connected, efficient, humane ecosystems.




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