The answer to the question: Why haven’t politicians been able to eradicate injustice and inequality thus people’s suffering despite centuries of politics? cannot be understood until we ask the question: Why don’t politicians stay within their local institutions, local communities, local councils, local suburbs, local towns, or at least local cities, and perform the actions they talk about – the actions that can eradicate injustice and inequality thus people’s suffering?

The answer to the above questions is simple: politicians do not want to perform the actions that upset the power structure – the elite at the top and the unemployed and the working poor at the bottom. Why they don’t want to do it is the complicated part.

Politicians use the different elements and levels of government to create a public image that people can recognize. Once people can recognize the politician’s image – the image people have been convinced was one of them, even though it never was for the politician’s intention was not to stay within the local community but to leave it behind and rise to the top – they attach their own idea of the action that would reduce injustice and inequality to the image of the politician. In other words, people transfer their own desires and the ability to act – their power – to the image they trust. People’s support of the image that represents them destroys their desires and the ability to perform the actual actions that would remove injustice and inequality from their communities.

Therefore we can say: the political and government system – within any country – enables politicians to rise through the political and government levels from ‘local’ to ‘national’, however, as politicians rise to the top their purpose changes. Politicians’ purpose changes from performing the actions that reduce injustice and inequality within their local communities to becoming a political and government image that represents a set of ideas that talk about the actions needed to reduce injustice and inequality. So, as the image known as the politician rises to the top, its theoretical or perceived power increases (the image becomes more powerful) but its willingness to act reduces (the politician’s practical purpose disappears). Furthermore, the farther away politicians are from the people they represent the greater their promises to the people can be. Your local politician cannot promise extensive changes that will revolutionize the country when he or she is unable to feed the hungry and solve traffic problems in your street – you are there to witness his or her inability to do so. On the other hand, the president is so far away from you and all the other people in your country, thus not accountable to you or anyone in particular – except the elite that funds him or her. He or she can promise anything that people want to hear. It’s a matter of monitoring social media and determining people’s desires.

So, how and why do politicians change their purpose? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT, KEEP THIS IN MIND: politicians never change their purpose. The individuals that want to rise to the top don’t care about the people around them, don’t care about their local communities, don’t care about injustice and inequality, and don’t care about corruption. The people who want to rise to the top of any institution – in any country – care only about money and power. They know that money and power are corruption, however, they also know that money and power can be used to create an image that masks corruption. Furthermore, the people who want to rise to the top know that the harder they work to create and maintain their public image the faster they rise to the top. And the faster they rise to the top the less time they have to spend worrying about performing the actions that reduce inequality and injustice thus people’s suffering. This is where the elite steps in. The elite searches for and supports the individuals – especially politicians – who have no desire to reduce injustice and inequality thus people’s suffering. This means that the people at the top do not get there because of their humanity, intelligence, and empathy. They get to the top because they are willing to say and do anything it takes to destroy others and preserve the status quo and so injustice and inequality continue and the corrupt wealthy elite stays at the top. Why do people at the top hate changes? Because changes endanger their long term investments thus their power.  

The above conclusion suggests that we need to ask: Why do politicians, and many other people in many other professions, care about money and power but not about their fellow human beings? The answer to the question is provided by many different individuals but Doctor Erich Fromm’s answer presented in his two books Fear of Freedom and The Art of Loving (they can be downloaded for free) is particularly simple. To summarize Doctor Fromm’s books we could say: any individuals that do not receive enough love of the right kind from their parents cannot learn how to love themselves (hence they use drugs and other items to destroy themselves, albeit unconsciously) and so cannot love others (hence they force others to use drugs and other items and if others refuse to participate bullying, abuse, violence or even murder are used, again unconsciously). More specifically: unloved individuals do not know how to love themselves or others and cannot feel loved by themselves or others. To them love has no value, or very little value. Consequently, they find their value not in love but in money and power. So destroying themselves and others in order to create money and power and then using money and power to hide their own minds and intentions thus corruption and destruction – from themselves and others – behind false images seems like a normal thing to do.

If the individuals that occupy senior political positions or any other senior positons in any other institutions were honest with themselves and others and if they had any humanity and integrity they would stay within their local communities and perform the actions that reduce injustice and inequality thus people’s suffering.  Or we could say: if their desires were healthy their ambitions would be healthy. Their ambitions would be to reduce and ultimately remove the suffering experienced by their fellow human beings. Unfortunately their desires are not healthy and the result is the self-destructive political system that has remained unchanged for centuries.

It is time for us, all the people of the world, to abandon politics and politicians, states and nations, and any and all concepts that divide us. While important, the realization that we don’t need governments is not the most important message of this essay. The most important message is that we need our own humanity and one another. So let us be guided not by our own ambitions – because they cannot bring us peace for they need to destroy others – but let us be guided by the desire to teach ourselves how to love ourselves so that we can love one another. Nothing you can buy can teach you how to love yourself and others.

What can you do?

  • Look within you! Are you abusing yourself? Learn how to disabuse yourself! Are you in a full time job? Why? Why? Why? Do you have any time to love yourself? Nothing you can buy can teach you how to love yourself or others. Buy the basics and then explore your mind.
  • Look around you . Who is abusing you? Let them know that you don’t care about their career, promotion or the fact that they think that their management position entitles them to abuse you!
  • Join independent networks. Trade food, clothes, hardware, software. Learn how to make and grow your own food, clothes, hardware, software. The more you can manufacture, grow, trade, repair, invent, combine, improvise the less time you have to spend working and the more time you can spend with your family and friends, doing what you want to do!
  • DO NOT WATCH TELEVISION, DO NOT LISTEN TO RADIO, DO NOT READ NEWSPAPERS, DO NOT READ MAGAZINES. They skew data and manufacture reports. Look for the ORIGINAL or RAW information without any comments. Draw your own conclusions. Do not listen to others’ conclusions.
  • Use the Internet to: A) spread the information about injustice and inequality and B) connect with other like-minded people.
  • Once you perform all of the above you will realize that there are many, many, many other people who cannot wait to join you! Some will teach you others will learn from you.

Stop working for others and experience yourself. It costs nothing.


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