Perhaps our existence is some kind of strange cosmic competition between the search for immortality and the survival/self-destructive #instinct.

The important point here is how I combine the terms ‘survival’ and ‘self-destructive’ and refer to them as the same instinct. I propose that the basic #instinct (to survive) can be applied only to an individual – to a member of a group. However, it cannot be applied to a group of any kind thus it cannot be a viable source of any social order – primitive or advanced, human or animal. If we apply the basic instinct (to survive) to an entire group – especially an “intelligent” group – then it becomes the group’s self-destructive instinct. Why?

An intelligent group, within which each member wants to satisfy only his or her own needs, cannot survive because the product of the group’s action will cause its self-destruction. Why? As the individuals’ intelligence levels increase – as well as their ability to apply them via physical systems – so does their ability to destroy one another.

The answer? Once the group becomes intelligent it is necessary for it begin to collaborate in order to eliminate all traces of competition. If it does not remove the need for competition – or its basic survival instinct – then all new ideas and all new technologies will be used to oppose or counter other members’ ideas and technologies – not to create a global good.

Thus the self-destructive instinct arises out of our inability to overcome the fundamental nature of our shared #human character and not as a result of our inability to overcome our much later and much more sophisticated invented cultural, political, religious and other #stories or #narratives. Such stories are nothing more than our failed attempts to justify or explain the basic survival instinct. By hiding the instinct within cultural, political, religious, and other stories we explain it thus preserve it.

Perhaps it is impossible for us to become humane and practice empathy until we become immortal.

We are so afraid of nonexistence, as individuals and as a civilization, we are willing to destroy ourselves, one another and the planet in order to acquire and control matter. Only because when we own and control matter we feel important and permanent.

We have convinced ourselves that matter carries our image within it and that we carry its image within us but only because we depend on it so much. It is our very dependence on matter – especially our need to own it, to keep it, and to embed ourselves within it (theoretically and physically) – that prevent us from transcending it theoretically and physically.

It is impossible to make matter permanent. Only the energy/data construct is permanent and even the energy/data construct changes its properties and therefore its states thus not even it is a permanent construct.

#Knowledge that refuses to see that it has embedded itself within #matter cannot begin to perceive the need to transcend matter. And, perhaps more importantly, knowledge that attempts to transcend matter by transplanting itself to a different body (or a different type of matter) is unable to begin to grasp the limitations created by matter, let alone transcend them.

What will it take to change our thinking and our actions from treating the material realm as the important one to treating the invisible energy/data realm as the important one?


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