So many individuals who call themselves leaders fail to see, or if they see it they fail to accept, that the concept known as institution is no longer valid. The speed with which information is distributed and used to create new physical constructs and knew knowledge thus new information continues to increase. It is obvious to anyone interested in the nature of our technological reality that information’s permanent acceleration is decreasing the distance that separates imagination, design and manufacturing processes. Consequently, institutions and their old-fashioned policies cannot keep up with let alone control or improve individual imaginations, design, and manufacturing processes.

More and more individuals are exploiting legal loopholes and minimizing their interactions with government departments. Such individuals are creating more and more ways to connect themselves with manufacturers-legally or illegally. As a result all sorts of strange and dangerous new products are being created. Computer hardware and software and weapons are the most obvious. Biochemical research, nanotechnology, cell research, plant research and so on are taking off too. Attempts to bypass government regulations will continue to increase in all sectors and in all directions.

Is it really that hard to see what is happening? It is if your purpose is to preserve your ancient model of existence and operation. Governments continue to exist as our civilization’s ultimate ancient construct because they refuse to accept that new fluid networks are the answer.

You cannot control new dynamic forever changing and forever expanding information networks via an ancient institution. Ancient institutions, like governments, are designed to control other ancient institutions – institutions that cannot change themselves.

The only way to control networks is with other networks. Preferably: simpler, faster, more adaptable.


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