Reality is more than a static construct we are trying to preserve on our shelves

Only an incredibly small number of people from my generation realize that the difference between our generation and all the other generations is that to us knowledge and information are no longer permanent constructs.

Growing up, working, doing, building, creating, learning, being, they are no longer about persevering a set of ideologies or values or structures of any kind. They are about creating new ones all the time. Imaging more humane, more unifying, more universal ideologies, values and structures. Exploring them. Using digital technologies to explore and design them.

The meaning of our age is derived from our ability—for the first time ever—to abandon all ideologies and intellectual constructs thus becoming information itself.

What does this mean? It means no more tradition. No more fixed values. No more dogma. No more belief systems. No more static logic. No more static methods. No more static systems of perception and cognition. We are the pioneers of the free information flow realm.

Forget the grandpa’s war memorabilia. Forget icons, posters, uniforms, statues, traditions and all signs and symbols of static constructs. Ideologies are ideas that refuse to grow and change. They are the indicators of our mistakes. They are our mistakes. They are the mistakes we have been unable to see, realize, feel, explain, or convey—to ourselves or one another—in any way. The mistakes we have been unable to run away from. They are that aspect of time and of our mind and being that no longer needs to exist in the present. They betray because they divide thus causing conflicts, fear, anger, and hate.

Forget encyclopedias, albums, and reference books. Today information flows. It becomes and becomes and becomes. Always anew. New information means new knowledge. New knowledge means new information. New information and new knowledge create a new self. A new self means a new perception of reality.

New information and new knowledge about what it means to be a human being is coming at every one of us from all directions, from all levels, in all areas, sciences, arts, music, engineering, and most importantly, from the directions we cannot imagine or perceive. They are the new directions. They are the most important discoveries. Look at them. Integrate them into your life. Allow them to reignite imagination.

Reality is much more than a static construct we are trying to preserve on our shelves, in our safes, in our cabinets, and in our bank accounts. It’s moving and changing so fast we are still learning how to perceive it, think about it, describe it—forget about preserving it.

Unimaginable, that is all that the source of information can appear to be, for how else is it going to continue to produce the unimaginable?

What is learned must be unlearned. Let the learning state and the unlearning state become one. Abandon the fear of the unknown information. There is no need to hold on to any idea or structure. This is the age of the ultimate liberation. We are embedding ourselves right into the stream of information.  We are becoming information.


The forbidden information and the invisible new world

Let us be clear. There are no more classes. There are no more nations. There are no more borders. There are no more governments. We exist in the age of information and information cannot be controlled by a single entity. There is an ongoing planet-wide genocide performed by the elite and all those who wish to make money against human and non-human beings and nature—or any entities that are not interested in materialism or money making schemes. So, let us not be taught about humanity by the wealthy, nor the indifferent middle class hiding among us, but by those needing thus knowing humanity firsthand. Let us be taught about humanity by those who are the forbidden thus the unwanted information itself.

The absence (linguistic and practical) of the felt and imagined unity

Higher education institutions and other institutions (government and non-government)—especially communications and technology related institutions—continue to ignore the fact that our present day language is unable to communicate a great deal of what we can imagine and feel. And, more importantly, they continue to ignore the fact that our existence is increasingly becoming defined by our shared sensation that something essential and unifying is missing from our shared human language rather than by what is contained within it.

What is it that is contained within our shared human language and what is it that is missing from it? Fear thus hate and violence are everywhere—as material and immaterial constructs. Unfortunately, they are the building blocks of our civilization. Empathy and love are more recent constructs therefore they are not as concrete. If empathy and love are to rival fear, hate and violence then they will need to be given significantly more concrete forms.

How are we to construct such forms? The first step is that we must acknowledge that empathy and love are important and needed verbal constructs and that they need to be attached to, transferred to, or related to concrete objects and actions, rather allowing them to exist as ‘romantic’ thus pure verbal ideas.

To be continued.