Higher education institutions and other institutions (government and non-government)—especially communications and technology related institutions—continue to ignore the fact that our present day language is unable to communicate a great deal of what we can imagine and feel. And, more importantly, they continue to ignore the fact that our existence is increasingly becoming defined by our shared sensation that something essential and unifying is missing from our shared human language rather than by what is contained within it.

What is it that is contained within our shared human language and what is it that is missing from it? Fear thus hate and violence are everywhere—as material and immaterial constructs. Unfortunately, they are the building blocks of our civilization. Empathy and love are more recent constructs therefore they are not as concrete. If empathy and love are to rival fear, hate and violence then they will need to be given significantly more concrete forms.

How are we to construct such forms? The first step is that we must acknowledge that empathy and love are important and needed verbal constructs and that they need to be attached to, transferred to, or related to concrete objects and actions, rather allowing them to exist as ‘romantic’ thus pure verbal ideas.

To be continued.


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